Do these clamps make my butt joints look big?


This week has included coaxing a lot of curved steel into narrow cylinders that will form the primary structures for 'Three Elements.'.  I try to use kind, productive language when I talk to my steel.  Sometimes I fail at this endeavor.  Which is why it's good that I work alone. 

Getting curved sheet steel to precisely follow the path of a structural steel circle is best accomplished with a cadre of seasoned, battle-wise C-clamps.  My C-clamps know the drill (and the drill press).  And they're so very accommodating when I leave them unattended in a dark tool drawer for weeks on end, only to call them into service with no notice. They don't complain.  They just show up in orderly formation ready to deploy their great mechanical advantage. And after the welds are run, back into the tool drawer they go.  Awaiting the next adventure, or cursing my name, or maybe... well, who am I to know what C-clamps think about.

Posted on January 18, 2018 .