Let's get ready to rummmmmmble!

"Three Elements" for Manchester, Iowa is my first public art project of 2018.  This sculpture triptych is meant to reflect sun, water, and growth/earth, and will be installed near Manchester's riverfront. 

The crew at Marion Iron cut and rolled 128 linear feet (16 @ 8') of 12" wide 11 gauge sheet steel to a 2.5 foot radius. We were able to fit it all in my F-150, so I didn't even need to waste Curt's time with a delivery!  And I got a bonus 'arm day' unloading it.  Seriously, when you're over 40 and your body is your most valuable power tool, it's best to take every opportunity to wail (safely) on your musculoskeletal system.  Plus, who doesn't want bragging rights?  

Manchester Model.jpg
Posted on January 9, 2018 .