Please don't draw on the walls (that's what the floor is for).

One of the pieces for Three Elements in Manchester, IA is a 5' version of the City's logo.  In my initial proposal, the element representing growth looked like a two-leafed stylized sprout.  I was chatting with the City Manager about the model and he said, "What's this?" pointing at the scaled-down sprout.  And I was all, "Oh, that's meant to symbolize growth, life, the emergence of new things."  And he pointed at the logo on his City-issued polo. Bam! The three-leafed City logo looked like a first cousin to the thing I had made up.  "Easy enough to change that."  I said (meaning the model).  Because if your city's going to spend the resources on a logo that symbolizes growth, family, and community why not work that into your public art?  

So I drew it out in CAD, that program I love to hate.  I loathe screen time (sitting is for reading, eating, and drinking with friends in a cozy pub within walking distance of one's home). But I love the sorcery of clicking on an arc and instantly knowing its radius, where in space it begins, and where it intersects another arc. All of this is easily transferrable to the shop floor via chalk and trammel points.  Having an accurate, full scale image to build from is beyond convenient.  Besides, if you can draw on the floor, you absolutely should draw on the floor.   

Posted on February 15, 2018 .